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Le Crochet Monique is a story of a one woman’s journey from a hobby craft enthusiast to a full-time enterpreneur. Building on the premise of “as good as I’d want it for myself”, LCM strives not only to deliver the quality crocheters expect, but also the feelings for – and understanding of – a fellow crafter as well.

From The Founder
Like a symphony of color and texture, yarn orchestrates the harmony of our artistic expression, each skein a note in the melody of our passion, crafting a masterpiece that speaks to the soul.

Monika POkusová Schütz


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My story


Warm greetings to you. My name is Monika and I am currently working as a full-time housewife. Alongside my domestic duties, I find great joy in the art of crochet, which has become my deep passion. It is with great enthusiasm that I present to you my online shop.

I have set up my current location within the UK. My days are always full of work and caring for my family.

The art of crochet has always held a special place in my heart. One of my desires is to spread this hobby amongst soul mates. This endeavor is accomplished through video tutorials, which are presented on my YouTube channel – Le Crochet Monique (The magical world of crochet) and on my main website Le Crochet Monique, which is the focal point of my virtual presence. However, my vision goes beyond virtual counseling. I am committed to equipping fellow crochet enthusiasts with the finest quality yarns and ensuring that their artistic visions translate seamlessly into reality.

The culmination of this zealous effort is the online shop “Le Crochet Monique Shop”. This platform is a testament to my dedication and offers a range of yarns and crochet accessories that are made with heart.

With unwavering enthusiasm, I strive to create an online haven that you will hold dear and visit often. My sincerest desire is that each visit to my online shop holds the potential for discovery, leading you to find what resonates with your creative desires.

With warm regards and sincerity,

Monique ♥

100% Mercerized Cotton

100% mercerized cotton is a crafting gem cherished by crocheters and knitters alike. Its sleek, lustrous finish adds an elegant touch to projects, making it a prime choice for creating enduring garments like lightweight sweaters and stylish tops. This versatile fiber also shines in delicate lacework, enhancing the intricate details of patterns. Mercerized cotton’s durability and ability to hold rich, vibrant colors open doors to crafting beautiful home décor, baby items, and functional accessories that stand the test of time. With its softness, easy care, and endless potential, mercerized cotton elevates your creations to a realm of luxurious artistry.

UK Delivery

We offer exclusive shipping services limited to the United Kingdom, ensuring prompt and reliable delivery to customers across the country, with an unwavering commitment to exceptional service and customer satisfaction.

Moreover, we’re thrilled to announce that we have expanded our reach to include shipping to Slovakia and the Czech Republic. This means that the same level of excellence in delivery and customer care can now be enjoyed by our friends in these countries as well. Your satisfaction continues to be our top priority, no matter where your creative endeavors take you.

Secure Payment

Secure payments provide peace of mind by utilizing advanced encryption technology, robust authentication measures, and rigorous fraud detection systems, ensuring that sensitive financial information remains confidential and transactions are safeguarded against unauthorized access or fraudulent activities.

You have the flexibility to use major credit or debit cards when making payments through our platform, ensuring a seamless and convenient checkout experience. Additionally, we proudly support PayPal as a trusted payment option, giving you further peace of mind with its established reputation for secure and efficient transactions.

Best quality

The best quality yarn is meticulously crafted from luxurious fibers, resulting in exquisitely soft texture, exceptional durability, and breathtakingly vibrant colors that inspire endless creativity.

Furthermore, our yarn is meticulously hand-wound and created to order. The meticulous hand-winding process may result in a slight variance in yarn length of approximately +- 20 meters. This uniqueness contributes to the artisanal charm of each creation, ensuring that every skein tells its own story.