Fantastique Petite yarn (3-thread)


Fantastique yarn information:

Content: 100% mercerized cotton
Weight: 100 g
Yarn Length: 270 m
Yarn Weight: 3-thread
Recommended crochet hook: 2.5 mm – 4 mm
Care instructions: Machine wash 30°C/ Do not tumble dry
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Introducing Fantastique Petite Yarn – Elegance in Miniature!

Step into a world of refined creativity with Le Crochet Monique’s exquisite Fantastique Petite yarn. This exquisite offering, a compact version of our signature Fantastique collection, is meticulously crafted from the finest 100% mercerized cotton. This yarn brings the allure of single-color elegance to even the most intricate projects while adding captivating multicolored touches that breathe life into your creations.

Handpicked from our renowned Fantastique line, Fantastique Petite yarn is a testament to our unwavering commitment to exceptional quality. The smaller cake yarn, delicately weighing approximately 100 grams, is a treasure trove of creative potential, allowing you to fashion intricate details and delicate accents with finesse.

Choose from the 3-thread variant, offering an ample 270 meters of thread, or opt for the 4-thread option which extends to approximately 200 meters. With a palette of 35 captivating shades to select from, every skein is a unique masterpiece ready to grace your projects.

Discover the art of transformation as you craft your designs with yarn that has been meticulously hand-wound upon order. These beautiful yarn cakes are an ideal companion for crochet and knitting projects, infusing an air of sophistication into shawls, scarves, skirts, dresses, tops, and beyond.

But the journey doesn’t end there. Explore the wealth of inspiration on our dedicated YouTube channel – Le Crochet Monique (The magical word of crochet), where we unravel the secrets of working with Fantastique Petite yarn through engaging video tutorials. Let your creativity flourish as you delve into projects that blend the charm of this yarn with your unique style.

Le Crochet Monique invites you to explore the world of Fantastique Petite yarn, where elegance is translated into the smallest of stitches, and where each creation becomes a testament to your creative vision. Elevate your crafting journey with the exquisite touch of Fantastique Petite – where magnificence thrives in every miniature strand.

Additional information

Weight 100 g

F001-pearl, F002-lace, F003-peanut, F004-banana, F005-daffodil, F006-apricot, F007-tiger, F008-scarlet, F009-ruby, F010-rouge, F011-magenta, F012-arctic, F013-sky, F014-sapphire, F015-blue, F016-cerulean, F017-navy, F018-denin, F019-mint, F020-pear, F021-seafoam, F022-chartreuse, F023-shamrock, F024-pine, F025-lemonade, F026-rose, F027-lavender, F028-lilac, F029-eggplant, F030-mulberry, F031-fossil, F032-slate, F033-anchor, F034-chocolate, F035-jetblack


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