Mystique yarn – Celestial (4-thread)


Mystique yarn – Celestial information:

Content: 100% mercerized cotton
Color: 5
Weight: 400 g
Yarn Length: 800 m
Yarn Weight: 4-thread
Recommended crochet hook: 3.5 mm – 5 mm
Care instructions: Machine wash 30°C/ Do not tumble dry
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Introducing Mystique Yarn – Celestial: Where Colors Reach for the Stars!

Welcome to Le Crochet Monique, your gateway to exceptional yarn creations. Immerse yourself in a world where color and craftsmanship intertwine, brought to life by our captivating Mystique Yarn collection. Each thread is a canvas of inspiration, intricately woven to awaken your creative spirit. Our journey into this enchanting realm begins with the captivating Celestial yarn, where five harmonious colors intertwine to create a celestial dance of artistry.

Mystique Yarn’s allure lies in its curated color groups, and our journey takes flight with the mesmerizing Celestial yarn, an opulent interplay of five colors carefully woven into a multi-color 3 or 4-thread yarn cake. This exquisite yarn offers approximately 800 meters of creative potential, with the 3-thread variant weighing around 300 grams, and the 4-thread option approximating 400 grams. Crafted with care, each cake is meticulously hand-wound upon order, infusing a personal touch into every project.

The allure of Celestial yarn is in the seamless convergence of its five colors. As you crochet or knit, the hues blend harmoniously, creating a visual masterpiece that captures the essence of your artistic vision. The individual threads come together with discreet knots, merging seamlessly into your projects. From shawls to scarves, skirts to dresses, tops, and even dream catchers and doilies, Celestial yarn empowers your imagination to soar.

Our commitment to nurturing your creativity extends beyond the fibers. Dive into our dedicated YouTube channel – Le Crochet Monique (The magical word of crochet), where we unravel the magic of Mystique Yarn through detailed video tutorials, guiding you to transform your crafting dreams into reality.

For those who admire the beauty of single-color luxury, explore our Fantastique Yarn collection, where elegance meets opulence to elevate your projects. If the symphony of colors resonates with you, our Harmonique Yarn collection offers a vibrant spectrum that injects life into your creative expressions.

Step into the captivating realm of Mystique Yarn – Celestial, where colors unite in celestial harmony and imagination knows no bounds. Le Crochet Monique invites you to explore this chromatic journey, accompanied by the elegance of Fantastique and the vibrancy of Harmonique. Create, innovate, and let your projects radiate with the celestial essence of Mystique.

Additional information

Weight 400 g
Mystique - Celestial

M501-banana-apricot-tiger-ruby-mullberry, M502-artic-sky-cerulean-pearl-slate, M503-blue-pearl-banana-magenta-eggplant, M504-daffodil-apricot-rose-blue-seafoam, M505-jetblack-slate-lace-mint-seafoam, M506-lavender-sapphire-mint-banana-rouge, M507-mulberry-ruby-lace-lilac-lavender, M508-pearl-sky-blue-navy-denim, M509-tiger-daffodil-lemonade-rouge-ruby


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